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Are you looking for a garage you can trust to provide quality repairs at competitive prices? Call S & H Motors Ltd today on 01202 680660 for a friendly service that will get your vehicle back to tiptop condition. We know you’ll leave thinking we’re the best car garages Poole has to offer.

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We offer a range of services on many brands of vehicle, but we specialise in Alfa Romeo, Fiat and other Italian brands. Our highly experienced team take pride in producing results that will leave you totally satisfied, knowing you made the right choice of car garages Poole.

We’re a government approved MOT test centre, so if you need your vehicle tested you needn’t look at any other car garages in Poole, just come straight to S & H Motors Ltd. Our fully trained staff can also offer professional services like:


Vehicle Repairs


Diagnostics and more

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, it’s easy to assume that passing an MOT means your car is healthy and well-maintained. This isn’t necessarily true, and MOTs are the government setting out a minimum threshold for your vehicle to be road legal. That’s why at S & H Motors Ltd car garages in Poole, we offer comprehensive servicing to get your vehicle back to a happy, healthy road state.

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    All car garages in Poole will recommend getting your vehicle serviced, including manufacturers and dealerships. Deterioration of the vehicle’s health can often be hidden and out of sight, and just because a car feels okay, that doesn’t mean it is. Not servicing your car to save a bit of money at the time will trip you up in the long run. Our team offer the best servicing of any car garages Poole.

    Servicing with our Poole car garages will identify and rectify issues that could become very costly if left unattended. Engine oil may seem like a simple thing; as long as it’s at the right level on the dipstick right? Not always. The quality and condition of the oil need to be maintained for effective and efficient lubrication of the engine. Without this, the engine can cease and can end up costing thousands to rectify.

    It’s not just money saved on mechanical issues; our car garages Poole carry out services that will save you money at the fuel pumps as well. Replacing oil and air filters will help the engine run more smoothly, assuring a clean and steady air supply for optimised fuel economy.

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    How can S & H Motors be of assistance?

    If you’re buying a car with the intention of selling it later in its life, then a full service history from S & H Motors Ltd will help prevent your car from depreciating over time and retain its value. Combine this with the factors mentioned above, and you’ve got a money-saving solution that is guaranteed to extend the working life of your vehicle.

    Modern cars are filled to the brim with gadgets and an ever increasingly complicated array of electronics. You used to be able to fix a car with a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench if you had one, duct tape and elbow grease. Those days have passed, so S & H Motors Ltd has invested in the latest diagnostic equipment. This allows us to effectively talk to the car, and the car can even tell you what’s wrong. Our car garages Poole use the Bosch diagnostic examiner to analyse your vehicle’s performance characteristics and diagnose issues that need to be fixed.

    We specialise in Alfa Romeo and Fiat vehicles, so we have the specific Fiat and Alfa Romeo In-House Examiner System. Its purpose built for Fiat specifically for these two brands of vehicles and they use it to for their full range of vehicles.

    Vehicle repairs at car garages Poole can range from the mundane to the outrageously inconvenient. At S & H Motors Ltd, we aim to provide unparalleled professional service, quality workmanship and unbeatable prices. We can quickly and efficiently tackle the simple things, like new brakes, tyre replacement and joint repairs.

    Our knowledgeable team can also provide professional repairs and replacements for exhaust systems, head gaskets, clutches, suspension and more! For more information and to see an extended list of repair services, see our vehicle repairs section.

    Why S & H Motors Ltd out of all other Poole Car Garages

    Our team pride themselves on their honesty and quality of work. We’re always striving to improve the service and enhance the customer’s experience with us. We can offer free brake inspections and let you know roughly how long they’ve got left. All of our work is guaranteed for 12-months, so you’ll have peace of mind when you’re driving away.

    On average our diagnostic services are half the price of main dealers but offer the same standard and comprehensive readouts. We have over 30 years’ industry experience to offer and always make sure we keep up with the latest motoring trends and requirements. If your vehicle isn’t going to be ready within the waiting time, we have a courtesy car scheme available as well so you’re not left stranded.

    Much of our work comes from customers recommending us to friends and family, which we’re very happy about. We’re always delighted to know someone is happy with our work. Our testimonials section shows many satisfied customers leaving very positive feedback.

    An example is Chris and Helen Watkins, who said “Thank you very much for repairing our car so quickly last week. We really appreciate the personal service you offer and the promptness you showed in collecting the car, diagnosing the problem and ordering and fitting the new parts. We do not believe that this level of service can be matched by anyone in the area. Thanks.”

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    If you’re in need of the best car garages Poole can offer, contact S & H Motors Ltd today on 01202 680660 and our friendly staff will help you get back on the road again. You can also email us at or use our online form and we’ll get back to you promptly.